Will Lovelady of Stix N Smoke Cigars

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The Stix N Smoke Cigars mobile cigar lounge was born in 2018 from passion and a love for bringing together people from all backgrounds. The mobile cigar lounge strives to foster deep human connections by offering a unique atmosphere for gatherings, with personalized service and premium products. The business’ tagline, “It’s bigger than cigars,” reflects owner Will Lovelady’s focus on giving people a place to relax, be themselves, and connect with other people. The cigar is just the initial common ground. (“Stix” is a common term used in the cigar community to reference cigars.) 

On the business and operations side, Lovelady is getting regular advice and counseling from Monique Merriweather at the Tennessee Small Business Development Center on preparing cash flow projections, marketing strategies, and a business plan that will justify the feasibility of expanding the business. Lovelady says that “having regular meetings and brainstorming sessions with the TSBDC has provided me the insight I needed to pivot during the pandemic and make wiser business moves.”  

“The TSBDC is one of the best business resources in Jackson, Tennessee, and surrounding counties,” he adds.  

He has created three full-time positions and one part-time position and believes that number will grow over the next 12 months. Lovelady continues to grow and develop several business and personal relationships within Jackson and the surrounding areas that will continue to support his vision of Stix N Smoke Cigars. 



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