The Youdle Team

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Youdle is a “shop local” community mobile app that crowdsources data on what merchandise is in stock locally, so shoppers can find what they need faster. This concept began in April 2020 as a Facebook group in Memphis, Tennessee, called “Product Sightings,” when members began crowdsourcing real-time sightings of coveted pandemic products in stores and online. People are now searching for daily items beyond the pandemic. 

The Youdle team first connected with the TSBDC at Southwest Tennessee Community College by attending a TSBDC workshop in 2019. From that moment, they knew this was going to be a crucial experience to plug into the proper resources to make their startup a success. Since the initial workshop, they have had access to one-on-one assistance in maneuvering what it takes to launch a tech company.  

With the help of TSBDC at SWTCC, Youdle was able to turn their Facebook group into a mobile app. Dr. NaShawn Branch of the TSBDC at SWTCC assisted Youdle with comprehensive business strategies. He and his team helped them form their marketing strategy and understand where to invest their dollars, and supplied independent consultants, advice on intellectual property, and hand-picked interns. 

Speaking of the TSBDC team, the team at Youdle says, “There are almost no words to describe how integral the Memphis TSBDC has been to the success of our app reaching the app store in November. We honestly don’t know if we would have made it this far without the help of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Southwest Tennessee Community College. We highly recommend this resource to any person starting a business in the greater Memphis area.” 


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