Steve Anderson of Anderson Meats and Processing

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Steve Anderson sought the assistance of the Murfreesboro TSBDC in 2017 with a dream of opening a meat processing plant. Anderson knew he would need a substantial small-business loan to finance the building, infrastructure, and processing equipment. Over the course of nearly three years, he worked with TSBDC consultant Chris Swoner on profit and loss projections, market research, employee forecasts, and formulating the legal structure. The TSBDC assisted further with putting together the loan package for a 504 7(a) small-business loan.   

 “I am thankful for the assistance of the TSBDC. Chris was able to put the financial aspect of our business into the format that lenders were looking for. This is a knowledge I did not have. Without his help, I would likely not have known how to move forward with a loan package to secure the small-business loan to launch my business,” Anderson said. 

The business, Anderson Meats and Processing, is thriving today. Since opening the doors, Anderson has had a steady flow of orders projecting business consistently two months out. Anderson Meats employs a staff of 15, and he is formulating plans to open a second facility in the future. The Anderson family history is deeply rooted in agriculture; they are generational beef and pork farmers. “We are thankful to finally be able to bring farming full circle and be involved in every stage of growing and processing beef and pork,” Anderson said. 

The Anderson Meats full-circle approach ensures the quality of the product and closes the gap of unavailable processing to farmers, which has long been a burden in the farm-to-table food supply chain. The Anderson Meats and Processing mission is to be a facility sensitive to the ethical treatment and handling of animals from delivery to harvest as well as provide the cleanest, safest, and highest quality meat-cutting services available. 


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