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In the picturesque city of Chattanooga, Scenic City Arborists, owned by Chelsea Moore and her husband Benjamin, stands out as a prime example of a women-owned business thriving in the field of tree services. With roots planted on August 1, 2019, Scenic City Arborists was able to blossom using the guidance of lead consultant Josh Brown from the Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Chattanooga State Community College (TSBDC at Chattanooga State).


Recognizing the need to fortify their business acumen, Chelsea turned to the TSBDC for guidance and support. As a women-owned enterprise, they sought assistance in navigating the intricacies of running a successful tree service business.


The initial focus for Scenic City Arborists was on crafting a robust business plan and developing meticulous financial forecasts. Over time, the scope of their collaboration with the TSBDC at Chattanooga State broadened to encompass diverse areas critical to their success. This included gaining insights into employment regulations, navigating heavy equipment acquisitions, delving into commercial real estate investments, managing human resources, and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies.


The outcome of this comprehensive support has been nothing short of remarkable. Since its inception, Scenic City Arborists has experienced exponential growth, with revenues escalating from $38,000 in the first year to an impressive $600,000 in 2023. The team has expanded to include five full-time and two part-time employees, a testament to the effective strategies implemented with the assistance of the TSBDC. Furthermore, the company has acquired property in Chattanooga, slated to become their new operational hub in the coming year.


Looking ahead, the TSBDC at Chattanooga State plans to continue supporting the success of Scenic City Arborists through extending guidance and training to Benjamin and his supervisory team. The focus will be on refining sales strategies, enhancing overall management capabilities, and addressing any evolving needs the business may encounter.


For Chelsea, the ongoing relationship with Small Business Consultant Josh Brown has been invaluable. Regular engagement, occurring every 4-6 weeks, has allowed Scenic City Arborists to benefit from continuous mentorship. Josh facilitated connections with banks for equipment financing, guided Chelsea in crafting essential documents like employee handbooks, and provided insights into insurance and benefits. Beyond the technical aspects, the consultant engaged in fruitful discussions on funding and financing, contributing to the holistic growth of the business.


Chelsea informed that, “Josh has served as a valuable mentor to the entire team at Scenic City, supporting our efforts as well as challenging us to take our business to the next level.” This sentiment encapsulates the essence of the TSBDC at Chattanooga State’s mission—to not only provide guidance but to inspire and challenge businesses to reach their full potential.


As Scenic City Arborists looks to the future, the prospect of continual growth and success is palpable. The collaborative efforts between Benjamin, Chelsea, and the TSBDC at Chattanooga State exemplify the power of strategic partnerships in fostering entrepreneurship. In Chattanooga’s scenic landscape, Scenic City Arborists stands tall, not just as arborists but as a testament to the strength of women-owned businesses achieving new heights with the right support and mentorship.

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