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As a professional dumpster rental service, R&R Rolloffs, spearheaded by its founder, Chandler Reams, has carved a niche in providing reliable solutions to the manufacturing and construction industries in West Tennessee. Specializing in serving the Ford City Development community, R&R Rolloffs is on the brink of doubling in size by the end of 2024.


The journey of R&R Rolloffs began on October 1, 2023, with the able guidance of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC). Aiming to cater to Millennials and Gen Z while focusing on disaster recovery services, Chandler sought TSBDC’s assistance due to the center’s reputable track record and given his past association with Jackson State.


R&R Rolloffs’ introduction outlines its commitment to excellence and dedication to the Ford City Development community. The company’s range of durable dumpsters, coupled with a hassle-free rental process, has earned it a solid reputation. Despite facing numerous challenges, founder Chandler Reams’ unwavering dedication and commitment have been pivotal in establishing R&R Rolloffs as a reputable dumpster rental service.


The TSBDC’s actions to support R&R Rolloffs were comprehensive from initial start-up assistance to being involved in evaluating the feasibility of the business model and fine-tuning the vision for R&R Rolloffs. The TSBDC team provided guidance on the loan process and streamlining funding mechanisms for simplicity and ease. Operations and marketing strategies were put in place, aligning with R&R Rolloffs’ goals for growth.


The outcome of this collaboration has been transformative for Chandler and R&R Rolloffs. The company has evolved from a startup to a sustainable business poised for long-term success. The significant milestone of doubling in size within the coming year speaks volumes about the impact and success achieved through the partnership with TSBDC.


The TSBDC remains committed to supporting Chandler in his entrepreneurial journey. Regular meetings and follow-ups are part of the ongoing support, with a focus on assisting in the next phase of the business. Chandler’s optimism and the TSBDC’s ongoing commitment stand as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving success in the world of entrepreneurship. With a solid foundation in place, R&R Rolloffs is poised to navigate the future with confidence, embodying the spirit of innovation and growth that defines the small business landscape.

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