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ReptiSnack is an innovative business in Georgetown, TN offering feeder bug subscriptions providing healthy, live feeders to busy pet owners. Kodi Mann launched the business in 2021 in Georgetown, Tennessee out of a personal need to find quality feeder insects for her own reptiles. Kodi had previously worked with the TSBDC on another business venture in 2020, so when she decided to launch ReptiSnack, she knew where to turn for assistance.

The Cleveland TSBDC office staff provided Kodi with the necessary assistance to structure her business, obtain the specialized licenses that she needed to operate, develop a business plan and five-year financial projection for the company, and help her find a point-of-sale system and inventory control system for specialized inventory.  The TSBDC also introduced Kodi to Idea Leap, a referral-only loan program within the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union (TVFCU). Through the TSBDC referral, Kodi was able to apply and successfully secure a $30,000 loan to invest in the start-up of her business.

ReptiSnack has grown from seven bug colonies to more than 80 in its first year of business. It has launched a subscription service and has increased its agricultural component by growing and harvesting its own organic food for the feeder insects and has added one additional employee plus an intern. 

The TSBDC continues to work with Kodi monthly to review marketing, social media, and expansion initiatives.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the SBDC. Sarah and Jennie go above and beyond for their clients. Their resources, help, and advice are invaluable! From helping setting up all of my legal assets to just lending an ear for any prospective growth moves, the SBDC has been there for me through it all.”




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