Mark Bondurant of Twin Oaks Technology

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Mark Bondurant founded Twin Oaks Technology in 2012 to assist business owners with technology management and support after gaining decades of experience in computer programming, software architecture, and technology team supervision. Bondurant’s vision quickly grew into a company that now provides regional I.T. management and support, network and data systems security, software design and development, complete digital marketing services, and a premier warehouse management software system.  

Through support of the Martin TSBDC, Bondurant and his team made breakthrough enhancements to the warehouse management software system. The team was able to build live, real-time integration with Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, for retrieving orders, updating fulfillments, and providing real-time inventory status—allowing companies to provide a higher level of service. 

The Twin Oaks team created a live integration with an artificial intelligence engine, powered by Thankful AI, that automatically performs order functions such as canceling an order, changing an address, or changing a gift message. This integration allows a customer to chat with the AI, which then communicates the request to the business’ software—freeing up customer service personnel to assist other customer needs. Bondurant’s team also built an integration with Amazon Alexa that allows staff to communicate requests to the warehouse software system verbally.  

Add to those a cellphone app that allows warehouse staff to pick orders with a Bluetooth scanner, driving overall warehouse productivity and accuracy. Twin Oaks also created an integration with material handling equipment that features laser dimensioners, in-motion scales, conveyors, and package diverters. A recent enhancement was constructed to split an order and ship products from different physical facilities. The system was upgraded to even employ the ability to rate-shop multiple carriers so customers can find the most cost-effective shipping method. 

With these and many other enhancements built through support of the Martin TSBDC, Bondurant’s business landed a large warehouse management system implementation project and an established pipeline of prospects interested in Twin Oaks’ groundbreaking innovations. 

“Because of the assistance we received, my company had the ability to turn ideas into application. The integrations we’ve built help individuals work with new technologies to reach their business goals. Thank you, TSBDC at the UT Martin REED Center, for helping us help our clients,” Bondurant said. 

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