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BioPet, headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, stands at the forefront of innovative solutions using biotechnology, revolutionizing the pet management landscape since its inception in December 2008. With a mission to aid apartment managers and town administrators in enforcing pooper-scooper regulations, BioPet Vet Lab introduced PooPrints, a groundbreaking DNA-based system. This system, which collects saliva swabs from dogs in participating areas, has become a pivotal tool in identifying and holding accountable those who disregard community cleanliness standards.


Recognizing the potential for global impact, BioPet sought assistance from the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) at Pellissippi State Community College (PSCC). The company’s objectives were clear: to explore export markets, secure capital funding for a new facility, and recruit interns from PSTCC to bolster their laboratory workforce.


In response, TSBDC at PSCC acted swiftly, collaborating with BioPet and the Department of Commerce to navigate the complexities of international expansion. They provided guidance on the export strategies and facilitated connections crucial for penetrating foreign markets. Additionally, TSBDC played a pivotal role in securing a substantial loan to finance BioPet’s facility expansion, enabling the company to realize its vision of a world-class headquarters.


The outcome of this partnership has been nothing short of remarkable. Buoyed by the support of TSBDC, BioPet/Poo Prints successfully acquired and refurbished a new facility, propelling its operations to new heights. With its world headquarters now operational, the company stands poised for exponential growth, projecting to add 30-40 employees in the coming year.


Looking ahead, the TSBDC at PSCC remains steadfast in its commitment to BioPet’s success. Recognizing the company’s potential for further expansion, the TSBDC pledges ongoing support to facilitate continued growth and market penetration. By fostering a collaborative environment and leveraging strategic partnerships, the TSBDC aims to ensure BioPet’s sustained success in the competitive global marketplace.


For BioPet, the future brims with promise and opportunity. With the support of the TSBDC, the company is eager to explore new frontiers. Armed with technology and a steadfast commitment to excellence, BioPet/Poo Prints is poised to leave an indelible mark on the global pet management industry.


Reflecting on their journey thus far, BioPet’s owners and leadership teams expressed gratitude for the TSBDC’s role in their success. They were consistently impressed by the TSBDC’s accessibility, responsiveness, and unwavering dedication to BioPet’s mission. From navigating the challenges of the pandemic to securing vital funding for expansion, the support of the TSBDC has been and will continue to be available to BioPet as a resource partner.


In the words of BioPet CEO J. Retinger,  “As BioPet continues to grow and expand its operations, we are immensely grateful for our partnership with TSBDC at Pellissippi State Community College. They have proven to be an invaluable resource on numerous fronts and are accessible and responsive to the needs of what is an unusual business. They understand our mission and have shared our story. During the pandemic, they guided programs, protocols and access to resources, aiding us in navigating through those challenging times. Additionally, they have been instrumental in facilitating our exploration of expanding into international markets by fostering relationships through the U.S. Department of Commerce. Their guidance has extended to assist BioPet secure $3.1M in funding for our property acquisition to open our world headquarters.  The TSBDC has also helped us to add employees to meet the growing demand for our services via intern programs in collaboration with Pellissippi State Community College and build awareness with local universities, including The University of Tennessee and Lincoln Memorial University.

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