Better Carabiner

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Better Carabiner, a pioneering tech development, emerged on the scene with a revolutionary product designed by Naveen Sharma. The brainchild of an engineer with AutoCAD expertise, Better Carabiner introduced a patented 360-degree, double-headed carabiner that folds onto itself. This innovative design, featuring spring-loaded grates on both ends, serves as a safety lock, ensuring secure attachment and preventing any slips or drops. With applications for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and daily tasks at home, Better Carabiner quickly became a versatile and sought-after accessory.

Approaching the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) in December 2022, Naveen sought assistance with the TSBDC. The TSBDC provided Naveen with extensive industry research and provided guidance and tactics for negotiating various topics such as royalty payment, R&D reimbursement, and more related to the licensing of Naveen’s patent. This collaborative effort between Naveen and the TSBDC paved the way for significant success.

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. Better Carabiner successfully licensed its product to a multi-million-dollar company. Naveen Sharma not only secured a royalty for himself but also positioned Better Carabiner to potentially become a household name product. The strategic decision to partner with a large manufacturer opened doors for the product to reach a broader audience.

Looking ahead, the TSBDC remains committed to supporting Naveen Sharma and Better Carabiner. Recognizing Naveen as a successful inventor, the Center is ready to facilitate new partnerships and endeavors for his future inventions. Leveraging the TSBDC’s research capabilities and insights, as well as introductions to programs like PTAC/Apex, Naveen is well-equipped to explore new avenues of innovation and business growth.

For Naveen, the future holds exciting possibilities, with aspirations to see Better Carabiner on the shelves of major retail stores. The successful licensing agreement paved the way for Naveen to dream bigger, turning his invention into a widely recognized and accessible product. The collaboration between Better Carabiner and the TSBDC exemplifies the potential of entrepreneurial spirit combined with strategic support for creating impactful success stories in the business world.

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