Ancient Lore Village

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Ancient Lore Village is a themed luxury resort overlooking the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The resort’s theme is based on the book, “The Bobbins—Outcast to Inner Earth” written by Ancient Lore Village owner Tom Boyd. The book brims with traditional fairy-tale characters and follows the main character Bokee through the journey while he becomes an unwitting leader in the quest to form the peaceful and more cooperative world of Ancient Lore Village. As Tom wrote the book, he began to envision a bigger impact. What if he could replicate Ancient Lore Village in real life, making it a place of community and well-being that would leave its visitors feeling better about themselves, life, and each other? In 2021, Tom realized his dream of replicating the characters’ homes and surroundings providing magical accommodations for group events, milestones, and celebrations.

The CEO of Ancient Lore Village approached the TSBDC in Knoxville Tennessee in January 2022 with ideas for the expansion of their flagship resort as well as licensing ideas for additional resorts across the US. The TSBDC consultant assisted with the development of a business plan, proforma financials, and identified a local lender to provide $5 million in working capital through a construction loan to Ancient Lore Village.  As a result of the working capital, the resort was able to construct a commercial kitchen on-site, expand its gift shop, and restructure existing buildings for corporate and private events. Ancient Lore Village’s revenue has grown 400% welcoming 17,000 guests in 2022. In 2023, the TSBDC looks forward to working with Ancient Lore Village on strategic growth planning and marketing concepts to attract 50,000 guests.

Owner Tom Boyd stated “The guidance that TSBDC’s Gregg Bostick provided was key to Ancient Lore Village achieving our goals.  The tools the TSBDC made available to us for developing our business plan and financial projections were instrumental as we approached potential lenders.  With our unique niche being focused on hospitality with purpose, many lenders did not understand our business model.  Gregg relentlessly pursued a lending partner who is willing to grow with us.” 

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